Our primary objective is to develop complex content, telling in-depth stories of people and their environments. At the same time, we understand that in some cases time is of the essence. We act fast to bring first-hand content about events, when accurate information is of paramount importance.


Every single human being has a right to be treated with respect and dignity. We strongly believe that suffering and injustice should be recognized and reported. Whenever human rights are being violated, adequate action should be taken. It is crucial to us that those who have been deprived of a chance to tell their stories, can finally speak up. It is our job to make their voices heard.


Every story is different and requires an individual approach. Through various media and with new technologies at hand, it can be told more effectively and reach wider audiences. In our work, we aim at finding the right visual language for each narrative, closely collaborating with graphic designers, programmers, producers, and academics.


Humankind has been sharing stories since the dawn of its time. Storytelling is a way of making sense of the surrounding chaos and of the role that we play in it. It also acts as a binder, a medium that deepens the connection between human beings and an amplifier of empathy. It lies in the very nature of stories to allow us to see the world with the eyes different than our own.